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Our Wide Range of Prescription Contacts at Li & Liao Optometry

If you’re looking for an alternative to glasses, or you’ve struggled to wear contact lenses before, Li & Liao Optometry can help. With our experts in fitting a wide range of lenses, we’re able to make your vision our top focus and bring comfortable clarity to the greater Bakersfield community.


optometrist performing eye exam on patient at Li & Liao

Bringing You Clear Vision Brings Us Joy

Our team is dedicated to delivering great vision, day in and day out, and that often starts with our detailed contact lens exams. Fit isn’t just about comfort, although that’s always important: how well a lens fits affects how reliable its vision correction is. Our contact lens exams give a precise prescription, which is different from a standard eyeglass exam, and measures your eyes specifically for contacts. These exams also allow us to detect conditions in your eye that could require specialty lenses.

Prescription Contact Lenses for Myopia Control

Myopia is a common eye condition, especially in children, that causes faraway objects to appear blurry. While eyewear can correct your child’s vision, it doesn’t stop myopia’s progression or its root cause — that means more frequent changes in prescription, and a greater risk for eye disease. Our myopia control options help slow myopia and correct your child’s vision: we use special technology to fully assess your child’s eyes, and specialty multifocal contact lenses to help halt myopia’s progress.

child putting on contact lens at Li & Liao
Scleral and speciality contact lenses

Scleral & Specialty Contact Lenses

Our team at Li & Liao Optometry is skilled at identifying the contact lens solution that can provide you comfortable vision, no matter your medical or lifestyle needs. We have options for patients with front-of-eye conditions such as dry eye keratoconus, as well as other hard-to-fit eyes, and are committed to finding a way to help you see better. There are a lot of people who haven’t had a good experience with contacts in the past, but who make excellent candidates for our specialty lenses.


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“I’ve been coming here to Dr. Li and Dr. Liao for almost 20 years with zero bad experiences for contacts and glasses. Wouldn’t trust any place else. I like that you can make appointment online in a zip. Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable and they take the time to make sure everything is right by being transparent by showing you your retinal images, ... explaining whats going on to the detail scientifically with your vision so you understand. I like having the retinal imaging done that doesn’t require eye drops and takes a few seconds, pretty cool tech. Huge glasses selection on major brands. They have social distancing, air filter, and uv disinfection for trying on glasses which I thought was pretty cool. All the assistants super friendly as well so overall positive atmosphere and highly recommended.” <<<

– Xavier B.

Li and Liao Optometry five star review

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“Dr. Li was nice and personable, but the staff member who helped me, another young lady who’s name I never caught, was so kind! She helped me figure out contacts and chose glasses that I felt were my style/fit me. The price of glasses was much more than I was expecting, but at least I’ll be fashionable! I’m content with the service and would recommend this office for the top notch service.”

– Kendahl G.

Li and Liao Optometry five star review

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Dr. Li and his staff couldn’t have been any better. My daughters appointment for her first contact lenses went perfect. They spent a ton of time and energy. Frankly, I couldn’t have imagined it going any better. She left confident and comfortable. Thank you for such a splendid job!”

– Richard M.

Li and Liao Optometry five star review

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“I was so impressed with everybody in the office starting with the receptionist. I had a fabulous experience the doctor fitted me for some new contact lenses that feel amazing. I’m so grateful to her. She was also very knowledgeable on all the new technology which I greatly appreciated.”

–  Shari M.

Li and Liao Optometry five star review

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“The service was excellent as always. Really looking forward to my new contacts!”

– George O.

Li and Liao Optometry five star review

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“Best place for eye exams and glasses or contacts!”

– Richard S.

Li and Liao Optometry five star review

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