Li & Liao Optometry Optical Lab

Our Bakersfield Lens Lab

Li & Liao Optometry is proud to provide personalized, precise vision with our optical lens lab! This specialized workshop lets us tailor your eyewear, rather than a mass-production manufacturer, so you can get your lenses quickly and correctly — no matter your eyesight needs. Our optical lab is an extension of our mission to be your trusted partner in eye care and to make you and your vision our top priority.

Customized Glasses

Customized Eyewear in Your Community

As an independent optometry practice, we don’t need to worry about corporate red tape — which gives us the freedom to choose how to customize your eyewear in our optical lab. We combine our extensive knowledge of your eyes and your personal preferences to choose the best frames and finishes for you. With our custom lens lab and industry expertise, we can have you seeing clearly and comfortably as quickly as possible.

Tailored Lenses for a Quick Turn Around, Right in Our Lens Lab

Having our own optical lab also means we never need to sacrifice speed for quality. We don’t have to wait for shipping times, production delays, or approval on orders: once we’ve designed your lenses with your input, we can start perfecting them right away. We take our time to know you and your vision, and personally finish each pair of lenses so that they meet your specific needs — and are always the high quality you expect.
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