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Specialty lenses at Li and Liao

What Are Specialty Contact Lenses?

Everyone’s eyes are different, and as a result, conventional contact lenses aren’t the best solution for some patients. If you aren’t considered a good candidate for traditional contact lenses, you may still have options beyond eyeglasses with the specialty lenses we offer at Li & Liao Optometry!

The Benefits of Specialty Lenses

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for eyewear, and that’s especially true for contact lenses. Some patients are considered “hard-to-fit” for contact lenses due to conditions like cornea sensitivity, but at Li & Liao Optometry, we have options for everyone! Our range of specialty contacts include scleral lenses for patients with front-of-the eye conditons like dry eye and keratoconus, multifocals that let you see at a variety of distances, lenses for slowing the progression of myopia (nearsightedness), and more.

Benefits of specialty lenses
Scleral lenses at Li and Liao

What Are Scleral Lenses?

Scleral contacts are large-diameter, gas permeable contact lenses that are designed to arc over the entire surface of the cornea and rest on your eye’s sclera, which is known as the “white” of your eye. This functionally replaces an irregular cornea, as the smooth surface of a scleral lens can correct problems caused by certain refractive vision errors, or keratoconus. These lenses also create a reservoir in the back of your eye for tears, keeping your eyes hydrated and relieving dry eye symptoms.

Our Other Specialty Lenses

No matter what your eyes need, we have solutions for you at Li & Liao Optometry! We don’t believe in cookie-cutter treatment plans, and will use our skill and experience to find lenses that work best for your vision goals and unique eyes, including ones for managing myopia and other vision conditions.
Kid fitting lens


These specialty lenses are particularly useful for our patients undergoing myopia management, as they are gas permeable contact lenses worn overnight that gently reshape your corneas as you sleep. Ortho-K can correct and improve your vision, so you’re less likely to need corrective eyewear during the day, and can reduce the risk of more serious eye conditions in the future.
Specialty lenses and solution

Rigid Gas Permeable

Commonly known as RGP lenses, rigid gas permeable lenses allow oxygen to pass through them, which means they can be larger and cover more surface than many soft contact lenses, which is excellent for people with sensitive corneas. They also stay more securely on the eye, are more durable, and are usually considered more comfortable and wearable when compared to disposable soft contacts.

Why Choose Us?

At Li & Liao Optometry, we’re your neighborhood partner in eye care here to help you see clearly, even if other optometry offices may consider you a hard-to-fit patient. Our team makes it our top priority to find you the eyewear that you’re comfortable with and works best for your lifestyle and vision. By tailoring your specialty contacts to you and fitting them to your one-of-a-kind eyes, we ensure you have healthy sight now and for years to come.

Your personal partner in eye care


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“The service was excellent as always. Really looking forward to my new contacts.”

– George O.

Li and Liao Optometry five star review

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“Best place for eye exams and glasses or contects.”

– Richard S.

Li and Liao Optometry five star review

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“Dr. Li was nice and personable, but the staff member who helped me, another young lady who’s name I never caught, was so kind! She helped me figure out contacts and chose glasses that I felt were my style/fit me. The price of glasses was much more than I was expecting, but at least I’ll be fashionable! I’m content with the service and would recommend this office for the top notch service.”

– Kendahl G.

Li and Liao Optometry five star review

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“Dr. Li and his staff couldn’t have been any better. My daughters appointment for her contact lenses went perfect. They spent a ton of time and energy. Frankly, I couldn’t have imagined it going any better. She left confident and comfortable. thank you for such a splendid job!”

– Richard M.

Li and Liao Optometry five star review

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“I’ve been coming here to Dr. Li and Dr. Liao for almost 20 years with zero bad experiences for contects and glasses. Wouldn’t trust any place else. I like that you can make appointment online in a zip. Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable and they take the time to make sure everything is right by being transparent by showing you your real images.”

– Xavier B.

Li and Liao Optometry five star review

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“I was so impressed with everybody in the office starting with the receptionist. I had a fabulous experience the doctor fitted me for some new contact lenses that feel amazing. I’m so grateful to her. She was also very knowledgeable on all the new technology which is greatly appreciated.”

– Shari M.

Li and Liao Optometry five star review

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