Myopia Control in Bakersfield, CA

What is Myopia?

What Is Myopia?

Myopia, also called nearsightedness, is a common condition where objects in the distance appear blurry. This is because your eye is the wrong shape, and as a result can’t focus light properly onto your eye’s retina.

Myopia continues to progress if left untreated, especially in children whose eyes are still growing. This can even lead to more serious vision issues later in life. While eyeglasses can correct the vision from myopia, they don’t address the underlying issue: the eye is continuing to grow incorrectly.

Signs of Myopia in Children

While myopia can be discovered at almost any age, it’s often found in children between eight and 12 years old. However, not all children know their vision is abnormal, or know how to say it. If your notice any of the following in your child, they could likely benefit from myopia treatment:

  • Complaints of eye strain
  • Frequent headaches
  • Constant squinting
  • Difficulty in school
  • Aversion to physical activity
Signs of Myopia in children

How We Limit Progression with Myopia Management

At Li & Liao Optometry, we always want our patients to have a clear understanding of what’s happening with their family’s vision, so we include you as a partner in the process. Our advanced technology allows us to precisely measure your child’s eyes and vision prescription so we can tailor our care to fit your child’s exact needs, including offering specialty and overnight lenses, to help correct their vision now — and protect their healthy eyesight for years to come.

Woman wearing glasses thinking about Myopia
We’ve adopted diagnostic technology that allows us to detect conditions such as myopia as quickly as possible. Our doctors use advanced tools to precisely measure the severity of you or your child’s myopia, while our scribes take down all information so your doctor can focus on you and your eyes. Learn More


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